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Web Development Team

  • Wayne M. Gura, Web Master
  • Anne Djupedal, Support & Graphics Design
  • Geoffrey M. Scott, Original Website Team Lead
  • Glenn Beye, Original Website Graphics Design

The development and maintenance of the TENG Web site is a volunteer team effort. We are actively seeking volunteers to help maintain this web site on an ongoing basis. Please contact Wayne M. Gura if you are interested in joining the team.

Wayne M. Gura, Web Master

As President and Senior Consultant at Woodhill Associates, LLC, Mr. Gura provides IT strategic, tactical management and technical consulting to SMBs (Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses) and corporations with revenues of up to $500M on a short-term and full-time basis. As their On-Demand CTO/CIO, Mr. Gura guides client companies with IT business initiatives by analyzing, identifying, specifying, planning and implementing projects as well as teaming with clients during discussions and negotiations with vendors and customers.

His background covers professional and financial services, insurance, reinsurance, medical-device manufacturing, electronic media and securities industries, with specific expertise that includes: Strategic IT Planning & Execution; Hardware & Software Design & Implementation; Change Management Initiatives; Forecasting & Budgeting; IT Staff & Project Management; and Vendor Relationship Management. Woodhill Associates, LLC

Anne Djupedal, Support & Graphics Design

As Vice President and Head of Design & Training at Woodhill Associates, LLC,, Ms. Djupedal handles clients' computer graphic design and business literature needs – from logos and letterheads to writing and editorial work – as well as providing client training on a range of standard PC software packages. Ms. Djupedal is a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years in the field.  Woodhill Design