Resource FAQ

What are resources?

Resources are links to the various features of the Yahoo! Groups that TENG uses. Learn more about resources.

Who can access resources?

Not all TENG members can access all of the resources listed on this site. To access these resources, you need to:

  • Be subscribed to the appropriate Yahoo! Group
  • Have a Yahoo! profile associated with your subscribed email address.

Active TENG members are usually subscribed to both TENG-Discussion and TENG-LeadShare Yahoo! Groups. Alumni members are generally subscribed to only the TENG-Discussion group and thus, will not be able to access the Job Leads resource link.

Subscribers to these groups who do not have a Yahoo! profile will only receive the emails. They won't be able to log in to the group Web site and view message archives, calendar, files, etc.

Some TENG members are not subscribed to either Yahoo! Group. If you are a TENG member and you would like to subscribe to one of these Yahoo! Groups, please contact us.

Why do I receive an error message when I access resources?

Several members who currently receive TENG-Discussion and TENG-Leadshare emails have received the following error message when attempting to access the TENG-Discussion or TENG-LeadShare Web sites:

"Sorry, this group is available to members ONLY. - You are not allowed to access this group."

To resolve the problem, go to http://groups.yahoo.com and log in using your Yahoo! profile and password.

If you see the Groups Wizard, follow the instructions to run it. Otherwise, you should see My Groups, listed on the left of the page. Both TENG-Discussion and TENG-LeadShare should be listed here. If one or both are missing, complete the following steps:

  1. You should see a link just below the list of groups to which you are subscribed, on the left of the page, labeled, "Don't see all your groups?" Click on it and you will see a screen like this:

  2. If you might have used another email address to subscribe, then click on the link to "add a different email address." Click Continue.

  3. Select the profile you wish to use and click Continue. Yahoo then searches for groups to which you are subscribed and adds any that are not listed under My Groups.

  4. Click Go to My Groups:

  5. You're done! Now, whenever you go to the TENG-Discussion or TENG-LeadShare Web sites, you should see a screen that looks like this: